The Macintosh may be the computer for “the rest of us,” but if you are like most business and home users of the Mac, you have realized there is more to this machine than meets the eye. To achieve the fullest potential of the Macintosh, you need to go beyond the point-and-click metaphor, and learn how software and hardware can be combined to help you with your work. That is where user groups can help, and MacinTech is ideally situated to serve users of the Mac in the South Denver Metro area.

Each monthly meeting features updates of news in the Macintosh community and our user group, followed by a major presentation by a developer, vendor, or member of the group on using the Mac to solve specific problems. Some meetings are used to break up into multiple workshops or have a round-table discussion among members about their own experience with the Mac. Perhaps most importantly, we provide a place where you can go to have questions answered and meet other Mac users who share interests.

MacinTech meets the first Tuesday each month, although meetings conflicting with holidays are delayed or canceled; please check for an announcement on the website. Meetings start about 6:30 PM, although members begin gathering about 6 PM to discuss news and problems. Meetings usually run until 9 PM, with many people staying later to discuss their favorite topics. Meetings are held at the Metrum Credit Union building located southeast of Holly and Arapahoe. Go to the “Where & When” menu item for location details.

We try to serve all users of the Macintosh, from new owners who have yet to crack the shrink wrap on the system software, to power users who live and breathe the Mac. So, if you are looking for a friendly place to learn about that machine sitting on your desk, and make good friends at the same time, come and check us out. All meetings are free and open to the general public. If you wish to join as a member, dues are very modest ($15 per year) and enable you to receive the monthly flier/newsletter that contains the very recent rumors of news in the Mac world. We have a Public Domain/Shareware Library, access to Apple video tapes and reference materials, and official members can receive discounts on Apple hardware and software through Apple’s support group, the User Group Connection.

MacinTech Users Group was formed in 1987. Richard Hyman and Blanche Cohen were the representatives for a corporate Mac users group that formed in 1985. After receiving a plethora of phone calls asking if the users group was open to the public, Rick and Blanche got together with representatives of other companies to initialize a public Mac users group. The original meeting took place in 1987 with almost twenty people in attendance, including Mike Phelps, Brad Tombaugh and Grif Boyce.

Enthusiasm for the new group was immediate, and monthly meetings have been held ever since.

In the spring of 1989, the Board of Directors for MacinTech decided to incorporate the group as a not-for-profit educational institute in the state of Colorado. On August 11, 1989, the Colorado Secretary of State signed the paperwork officially sanctioning the new corporation called MacinTech Users Group, Inc.

In 1991, U.S. West began moving people in the Advanced Technologies group to Boulder, and we lost the sponsorship for the our meeting place in the Millennium building. We began meeting in the training room of Intron Communications, Inc. Intron moved to “LoDo” Denver in 1996, so we moved to the Castlewood library near I-25 and Arapahoe. After meeting room remodeling prevented us from meeting at Castlewood, we moved to the Koebel library. Since 2008, we have been meeting at our current location at the Metrum Credit Union on the first Tuesday of each month. See the “Where & When” menu item for details.