Living Coral – Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019

5 days 16 hours ago

This is Living Coral, PANTONE 16-1546, Pantone’s color of the year for 2019. It described the color as “sociable and spirited” and said it “welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity.”  Pantone said that Living Coral is “a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media.” Living Coral has succeeded Ultra Violet as Color of the Year, something Pantone announced for the last 20 years. The decision has an effect on design work in a variety of industries.

Charlotte Henry

Google to Shut Down Messaging App Allo

5 days 16 hours ago

Google announced that it is shutting down its Allo messaging app. Analyzing the development, Engadget’s Nick Summers noted that Allo “has struggled to coax users away from established messaging apps such as iMessage and Facebook Messenger.” The app will stop working in March 2019.

Google’s new lineup will be simpler, but not necessarily better. There’s a chance, of course, that every carrier and OEM will add RCS support before March 2019, making Messages a viable option. The uptake over the last seven months, however, doesn’t fill me with confidence. If RCS remains a niche, I’ll have to stick with Whatsapp to communicate with most people. Which is a shame, because I liked Allo and believe a semi-popular, Google-run messaging app could be good for the wider industry. It would give Apple and Facebook some much-needed competition in the West, at least.

Charlotte Henry

How T-Mobile’s eSIM iPhone App Works

5 days 16 hours ago

PC Magazine got an exclusive look at T-Mobile’s eSIM app for the iPhone. It allows users to connect to a new prepaid T-Mobile line without the need for a physical sim card. Apple introduced this capability with the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. A number of carriers are planning to support eSIM but the T-Mobile system was deemed easier than those from its rivals as it is based on an app and does not a QR Code or in-store activation.

T-Mobile is rolling this app out to its staff for training tomorrow and aims to launch it by the end of the year, according to sources close to the development and rollout. For now, it will only support adding prepaid plans to eSIMs; the thinking seems to be that it will be used for inbound roaming and secondary lines, with customers still going into stores and getting physical SIMs activated for primary lines and family plans.

Charlotte Henry

Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock: $143.99

5 days 17 hours ago

We have a deal on the Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock. This smart lock allows you to program the lock to use your fingerprint, code, or smartphone to unlock the door. You can assign different users, use your iPhone app to unlock it over Bluetooth, and there’s a mechanical key backup. Our deal is for $168.99, but coupon code SAVEGREEN25 at checkout take $25 off, for a final price of $143.99.

Bryan Chaffin

Apple Announces New Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5

5 days 19 hours ago

Beddit, a sleep company acquired by Apple, is selling a new 3.5 version of its Beddit Sleep Monitor for US$149.95.

The Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5 isn’t a radical change from the previous 3.0 version. It’s still a 2mm thin strip that you lay above your mattress and power via USB. It connects to an iPhone app for sending sleep tracking data to the Beddit app and Apple’s Health app (with permission), and it’s still advertised as not requiring a “wearable” like the Apple Watch — although Beddit has an Apple Watch app for tracking naps.

Andrew Orr

Security Week: Check Out Wired’s Guide to Data Breaches

5 days 22 hours ago

Lily Hay Newman put together a great guide to data breaches. It covers the history of breaches like Equifax, Marriott, Quora, and others.

Think of data breaches as coming in two flavors: breaches of institutions that people choose to entrust with their data—like retailers and banks—and breaches of entities that acquired user data secondarily—like credit bureaus and marketing firms.

Andrew Orr

Soon Technology Could Have a Trust Label

5 days 22 hours ago

Backed by the Mozilla Foundation, NYU Law, the University of Dundee, and others, technology could soon get a trust label called Trustable Technology Mark.

Enter the Trustable Technology Mark. It’s like being certified organic, but for the Internet of Things. Supported by the Mozilla Foundation, NYU Law, the University of Dundee, and other institutions, the trustmark–a phrase for a logo that signifies a certification of some kind–aims to recognize companies building connected devices that have stellar data and privacy practices, are transparent and secure, and have some guarantee of longevity.

Hopefully there are rigorous standards that companies need to meet before getting this trust label. Because the aforementioned “certified organic” label is meaningless.

Andrew Orr

Apple Trying to Acquire Israeli Drama Starring Richard Gere

6 days ago

Apple is trying to acquire an Israeli drama starring Richard Gere for its video platform. Since it’s a violent drama, some people believe Apple might be stepping around its family-friendly image.

“Nevelot,” is a gritty thriller that follows two veterans who go on a killing spree, on the belief that the youth of today do not understand the sacrifices made by previous generations. The title of the show itself translates to “Bastards,” meaning it is likely to be renamed for Western audiences.

It’s strange that Apple would suddenly chase after a violent show. So strange that I think it’s unlikely. If Apple does acquire Nevelot it will most certainly be sanitized.

Andrew Orr

Holiday Gifting Tip: Donations to Charity

6 days 1 hour ago

One easy way to make sure you beat all the shipping deadlines and avoid weird looks from the TSA by putting presents in your suitcase is to make a charitable donation. Kelly has a few suggestions for places to start.

Kelly Guimont
1 hour 1 minute ago
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