Apple Made a Music Video Mocking Windows 95

5 days 7 hours ago

Apple once made a music video mocking Windows 95. It was shown internally at Apple in the fall of 1995 when the software was released. Cult of Mac dug it out, and it is amazing. Called Winsongs 95, it features parody musical hits such as U Can’t Use This, Killing Me Softly With Windows, and I Want a Mac. The whole video shows just how bitter the war between the two firms was at its peak.

Charlotte Henry

Apple Pay Netherlands Launching Soon

5 days 8 hours ago

Dutch bank ING revealed earlier this month that Apple Pay Netherlands is launching soon. Debit card service Maestro has entered beta status for Apple Pay.

The Netherlands is one of the most populous countries in Europe that is still awaiting Apple Pay.

Andrew Orr

Psst…You can Turn off Autocorrect for iPad Hardware Keyboards

5 days 10 hours ago

OSXDaily has been a lifesaver lately. I’ve been annoyed at my Logitech Slim Folio Pro keyboard, because the rigid rubber bumpers on the corner make it difficult to take a screenshot using the buttons. Then came this article saying you can take screenshots with a keyboard shortcut, something I should’ve known because it’s the same shortcut on the Mac. Oh well.

Then last night, I was annoyed with yet another typo in an article. I blame them entirely on iOS’s aggressive autocorrection, because the iPad Pro is my daily work machine now. Literally a couple hours later, the website published a tip saying you can turn off autocorrect for hardware keyboards.

This is because the iPad has separate settings for the software keyboard onscreen, and a hardware keyboard if one is connected to the iPad…


Andrew Orr

How to Stop Wasting Money on Subscriptions

5 days 11 hours ago

How much do you spend each month on subscriptions? Each year? The number is only is going up. In a recent Wall Street Journal column, Joanna Stern looked at ways we can all cut out the unnecessary subscriptions in our lives.

The assortment of services is harder to keep track of than the flavors of LaCroix sparkling water. And the number of subscriptions we pay for, and how much we pay, is only going to keep ballooning. Don’t get me wrong. I love subscriptions. I love that soon I’ll be able to pay $7 a month for the newly announced Disney+ instead of paying a la carte for each $3 episode of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” But we can’t just go on signing up for “free trials” that turn into years-long payments. We have to pay attention to where our money is going.

Charlotte Henry

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Official iOS App

5 days 12 hours ago

The Eurovision song contest is taking place in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Saturday. The annual competition features a variety of musical entries from across Europe and…err…Australia. Obviously. The official Eurovision app has a variety of features, including a shop to buy the music, a live stream of the contest, and profiles of the contestants. Most importantly, viewers can use the app to cast their vote for the winner, which is decided by a combination of professional judges and public vote. Remember though, you can’t vote for your own country’s entry! The app is free and available on iOS from the App Store.

Charlotte Henry

Valve’s Steam Link app is Available on iOS

5 days 14 hours ago

Valve’s Steam Link is back on the App Store, this time maybe for good. The Android app launched in May 2018, but when Valve submitted it to the App Store, Apple rejected it, citing business conflicts. The Steam Link app brings desktop gaming to your iPhone or iPad. Just pair an MFI or Steam controller to your device, connect to a computer running Steam on the same local network, and start playing your existing Steam games. Requirements: iPhone or iPad using iOS 10 or higher Computer running Steam – Windows, Mac, or Linux. * iOS device must be on the same local network as the computer running Steam. For best performance: Connect your computer using Ethernet to your 5Ghz WiFi router Connect your iOS device to the 5GHz band of your WiFi network. * Keep your iOS device within a reasonable range of your router. App Store: Free

Andrew Orr

SpaceX Postpones Starlink Due to High Winds

5 days 18 hours ago

SpaceX has postponed its Starlink project due to high winds Wednesday night. Starlink is Elon Musk’s plan to provide global, low-cost satellite internet.

Sixty Starlink satellites have been packed into the nose cone of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that’s waiting to launch. Over the next eight years, the company plans to deploy around 12,000 of the satellites into low-Earth orbit to create its widespread broadband network as part of a project said to be costing the company $10 billion.

Its first goal is to deploy 4,425 Starlink satellites into low-Earth orbit at an altitude of between 690 miles (1,110 km) and 823 miles (1,325 km). These will act as the backbone of Starlink’s internet service.

Andrew Orr

macOS: What is /private/var/db/fpsd/dvp and Why Doesn’t it Get Backed Up?

6 days 7 hours ago

Carbon Copy Cloner users recently noticed a warning that ONE file, /private/var/db/fpsd/dvp, isn’t being backed up. Here’s why. (tl;dr. It’s not a problem.) This Apple discussion explains the situation for this user:

Carbon Copy Cloner gives me an error when I finish backing up, saying I can’t copy this file to my backup drive because it didn’t have permissions. What is it, and is it safe to use the backup without this file? When I go to the file in Finder, the folder it’s in doesn’t give me access.

John Martellaro

Trump Declares National Emergency Over Threats to American Tech

6 days 7 hours ago

Today President Trump has issued a national emergency over threats against American technology. A ban is expected to follow that will stop U.S. companies from doing business with Chinese company Huawei.

In a statement, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders wrote that the administration will “protect America from foreign adversaries who are actively and increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in information and communications technology infrastructure and services in the United States.”

Andrew Orr
54 minutes 10 seconds ago
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