A Better Way to Type on an iPhone?

10 hours 36 minutes ago

Dr. Mac is fascinated by Typewise, the first keyboard app designed from the ground up for the iPhone (or other smart phone) and its claim that it can reduce typos up to 80%.

Bob LeVitus

Apple Notes May Be Better Than Ever(note)

11 hours 23 minutes ago

Dr. Mac’s been playing with Apple Notes lately and he thinks it might finally be mature enough to replace Evernote Premium in his workflow (which will save him $70 next year).

Bob LeVitus

Programmers Create Every Possible Melody to Stop Lawsuits

13 hours 31 minutes ago

Two programmers have created every possible melody in MIDI to help creators stifled by lawsuits.

Two programmer-musicians wrote every possible MIDI melody in existence to a hard drive, copyrighted the whole thing, and then released it all to the public in an attempt to stop musicians from getting sued.

Often in copyright cases for song melodies, if the artist being sued for infringement could have possibly had access to the music they’re accused of copying—even if it was something they listened to once—they can be accused of “subconsciously” infringing on the original content.

Sounds like a clever attempt to hack the system. I’m not sure if that will actually hold up in court but it’s creative.

Andrew Orr

RIOT HiFi Over-Ear Headphones: $59.99

13 hours 35 minutes ago

We have a deal on a pair of RIOT HiFi Over-Ear Headphones. RIOT connects to your portable devices via Bluetooth, or with a headphone jack using a mini-plug wired connection. they also come with a carrying case, and they’re priced at $59.99 through our deal.

Bryan Chaffin

Apple Shares Anime ‘Behind The Mac’ Video on YouTube

15 hours 8 minutes ago

Apple’s Japan channel on YouTube recently shared a “Behind The Mac” video in anime style artwork. It features music by Yoshiho Nakamura “I am the main character” as well as characters from various anime shows. Each character is shown in different situations and they all use MacBooks.

Andrew Orr

Stars of Apple TV+’s ‘Visible – Out on Television’ Ask: How Much Longer?

16 hours 48 minutes ago

In the latest Apple TV+ clip, some of the stars featured in the series Visible – Out On Television, share moments when they nearly gave up. The likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Laverne Cox, and Adam Lambert all appear in the series and explain the difficult times they went through. The series is available now with an Apple TV+ subscription.

Charlotte Henry

How to Create a Honeypot URL With URL Canary

17 hours 28 minutes ago

A service I recently discovered is URL Canary. It creates a honeypot URL that you can then put in a location such as your cloud storage. It alerts you if that URL has been accessed.

URL Canary will catch automated robots and crawlers, as well as manual human attackers. The only time it won’t catch an attacker is if they don’t see the canary, or they don’t find it sufficiently-compelling and opt not to visit it. Since you have control of the URL and the domain name, you can make your canaries as compelling as possible for your specific use case.

There’s a similar service I know of called CanaryTokens.

Andrew Orr

MI5 Chief Wants ‘Exceptional Access’ to Encrypted Messages

20 hours 36 minutes ago

Sir Andrew Parker is the head of MI5, the UK’s domestic security service. He wants tech firms to provide “exceptional access” to encrypted messages.

In an ITV interview to be broadcast on Thursday, Sir Andrew Parker says he has found it “increasingly mystifying” that intelligence agencies like his are not able to easily read secret messages of terror suspects they are monitoring.

Bah, this is smoke and mirrors. As the head of a security agency he knows that restricting backdoors to the good guys is impossible.

Andrew Orr

Tim Cook Thinks China is Getting Coronavirus ‘Under Control’

21 hours 27 minutes ago

Tim Cook appears to be more optimistic than most about China’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. In an interview with Fox Business, the Apple CEO said he felt China was getting the illness “under control.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook told FOX Business’ Susan Li Thursday that he is “optimistic” about China managing the coronavirus outbreak, which has slowed production at the tech giant’s suppliers. “It feels to me that China is getting the coronavirus under control,” Cook said. “You look at the numbers, they’re coming down day by day by day. And so I’m very optimistic there.” He stressed that iPhone gets parts from “everywhere in the world,” including China, which has seen 2,744 deaths among 78,497 cases, mostly in the central province of Hubei.

Charlotte Henry
2 hours 36 minutes ago
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