Panicked selling of AAPL lets Apple buy back billions cheaply

17 hours 48 minutes ago

Media-induced panic related to the coronavirus outbreak has caused stocks to crash in value, with Apple's share price dropping to levels not seen since early December, back before it was appreciated how well Apple's iPhone 11, wearables, services, and other offerings had performed during holiday sales. That drop affords Apple a rare opportunity to snatch up billions of its shares at a discount nobody could have otherwise imagined possible.

How to take a screenshot on a MacBook Pro

19 hours 33 minutes ago

There may be as many ways to take a screenshot off your 16-inch MacBook Pro as there are reasons to take them, but Apple could make it a lot more obvious what's possible and how to do it.

MI5 head wants 'exceptional access' to encrypted communications

21 hours 54 minutes ago

The increased use of encryption has made the Internet a "wild west, unregulated, inaccessible to authorities, according to chief of British security agency MI5 Sir Andrew Parker, with the use of end-to-end encryption by Apple and other tech companies continuing to make it nearly impossible for law enforcement officials to monitor online conversations.
3 minutes 43 seconds ago
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