WaterField Designs Tech Rolltop Backpack review: A pouch with a slouch

3 months 2 weeks ago

How can a bag feel so perfect yet so flawed? That’s what I kept asking myself during my time with WaterField Designs’ new full-sized Tech Rolltop Backpack, which is made from solid materials and holds a ton of stuff but sports a ill-designed “convenience” pocket that threatens to undermine the excellence of the bag as a whole. It’s not a bad bag, but it’s certainly a puzzling one.

WaterField’s signature thoughtful design reveals itself in every other feature. There’s its water-resistant waxed canvas, for one, which also now comes in a less rugged-looking shade of blue. (If you’re looking for something better suited to the boardroom than the backwoods, you can also get it in a “black ballistic” nylon fabric.) It’s attractive for a rolltop bag, although I miss the heavy leather accents WaterField tends to use for its bags. Here, you’ll only find them on the leather handle and the strip for the logo.

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Leif Johnson

Wrong time zone shown in Photos in iOS? It’s a timely bug

3 months 2 weeks ago

Time is an illusion that helps us make sense of many things, including when we took pictures and shot video. On an iPhone, iPad, or nearly any camera, a timestamp is embedded into the image or video metadata based on the current time and timezone of the device you’re using.

iOS allows automatic timezone updates based on your current calculated location. But if you forget to change the timezone on a standalone camera, you can wind up with your photos and movies appearing at the wrong time or day or in the wrong order in Photos or other photo apps. That’s especially apparent if you mix together media captured on a smart phone and a camera.

Photos for macOS and iPhoto both have easy ways to fix timezones, however, which I wrote about in a previous column. There’s a third-party tool that can help, too.

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Glenn Fleishman

Apple’s defensive App Store page aims to win the court of public opinion

3 months 2 weeks ago

Apple has been a vertically integrated “walled garden” for a long time. But with Apple’s growth in size, influence, and scope, it has come under fire as a de-facto monopoly. As it sells more of its own products and services than ever before, the ability for outsiders fairly compete with Apple’s own software and services is being called into question.

The recent Supreme Court ruling in Apple v. Pepper has determined that consumers have standing to bring a class-action suit against Apple for its App Store pricing practices. Also, the EU is launching an investigation into Apple’s practices after complaints made by rival music service Spotify.

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Jason Cross
2 hours 42 minutes ago
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