Can’t find your Time Machine backup after upgrading to Catalina? Look for a backupbundle

12 hours 7 minutes ago

If you’ve upgraded to macOS 10.15 Catalina and want to back out and restore your Mac to a previous release of macOS, you might have a Time Machine backup you could use to wind the clock back.

However, reports say that when Catalina performs a Time Machine backup, it updates the extension on the special package used for these archives. It changes the file’s extension from sparsebundle, a disk image format that can be mounted and browsed like a physical volume, to backupbundle. This isn’t documented on Apple’s site, and it’s unclear why this change was made.

We haven’t been able to observe or test this, but some users have said simply changing the extension back to sparsebundle allowed them to mount the Time Machine backup or use it via macOS Recovery to restore a previous snapshot.

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Glenn Fleishman

Pixel envy: Apple needs to rethink the entire Siri experience

13 hours 7 minutes ago

The tech media has long compared Google’s Pixel phone with the iPhone, despite the incredible disparity in consumer appeal. After all, the Pixel is the only other phone actually made by the company that controls its primary ecosystem. It’s the Android phone by the Android maker.

For the last couple of years watching the introduction of a new Pixel phone, it was easy to imagine an iPhone user looking at the camera features and results and thinking, “I wish my iPhone did that!” This year, while the Pixel 4’s camera capabilities might be better than the iPhone 11’s, Apple has at least caught up enough for it not to be the envy of an iPhone user’s eye.

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Jason Cross

Macworld's November Digital Magazine: iPhone 11 Pro reviewed

1 day 4 hours ago

Every day, Macworld brings you the essential daily news and other info about all things Apple. But staying on top of that torrent of information can be a constant challenge. One solution: the Macworld digital magazine. 

In the November issue

In the November issue we review Apple’s latest and greatest phone yet: the iPhone 11 Pro. Find out why it’s the best iPhone ever. We also reviewed the iPhone 11: A hard to beat combination of price, features, and quality.

Also in this month’s issue:

• MacUser: Make sure you save your data before deleting an Apple ID account

• MacUser Reviews: ExpanDrive 7, JustPlay

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Macworld Staff

iOS 13.2: Beta 3 is now available with new emojis, Siri privacy controls, and interface improvements

1 day 6 hours ago

After an awkward iOS 13 and 13.1 release schedule, punctuated by two rapid-fire bugfix releases (iOS 13.1.1 and 13.1.2), Apple is ready to move on to iOS 13.2. 

The big new feature in 13.2 is the Deep Fusion computational photography upgrade for the camera in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. During its big September event to debut the phones, Apple promised this update is coming “this fall” and showed off its prowess in mid-to-low light with what can only be described as a “hipster in a Cosby sweater.”

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Jason Cross

Apple TV+ original shows, series, and movies: Apple and A24 to produce a film adaptation of 'The Sky Is Everywhere'

1 day 7 hours ago

Apple is said to be spending a several billion dollars over 2018 and 2019 on the development of exclusive original programming. That’s a lot of TV! It’s nothing compared to the $12 billion Netflix spent on content in 2018, but it’s still a very big investment.

What can you get for all that money? Apple hopes to attract some of the best talent in TV and film production, including huge stars and directors, and to lock down the television and movie rights to best-selling books. Though the company has only given us a glimpse at a handful of shows, the Hollywood trade press has uncovered many more through its reporting on deals from casting agents and production companies.

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Jason Cross

Night Sight fight: The iPhone 11 kinda destroys the Pixel 4 with low light camera shots

1 day 8 hours ago

We have a lot of testing to go before we can reach a verdict on Google's new Pixel 4 smartphone, but the early results show it’s in for a big fight with the iPhone 11. We tested the improved Night Sight against the iPhone 11’s Night mode to see which camera could snap a better nighttime shot. The first impressions are very one-sided.

That’s very surprising. Apple’s Night mode was largely seen as playing catch-up to Google’s version on the Pixel 3, and we all assumed that the Pixel 4 would take another leap to show Apple who’s boss. That might not be the case.

Editor's note: The photo samples were incorrectly labeled when this story originally posted. It has been fixed.

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Michael Simon

iPhoto users, you’re out of time with macOS Catalina. What’s your next step?

1 day 13 hours ago

If you’ve continued to use iPhoto after Apple discontinued it in 2015, you had to know its days were numbered. Many people preferred iPhoto’s controls and the new Photos app was initially missing features and buggy, crashy, and slow at times. Photos has improved substantially, though it’s still not everyone’s cup of tea.

Now, iPhoto’s number is finally truly up. The outdated software won’t launch in macOS Catalina, because its core functions rely on a software framework Apple has also sent riding into the sunset.

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Glenn Fleishman

Apple Arcade: Everything you need to know

2 days 1 hour ago

Apple’s new Apple Arcade subscription-based gaming service is finally here. It’s basically Apple’s way of helping customers sort through the chaff in the App Store, as the highly curated service features premium games that are untainted by in-app purchases and ads. If it works as well as it sounds, it could elevate the perception of mobile gaming in general.

Got questions? Fortunately we have plenty of answers. Here’s everything we know about Apple Arcade so far.

Updated 10/15/19: Added a section on how to cancel Apple Arcade.

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Macworld Staff

Best iPhone 11 cases: For iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max

2 days 2 hours ago

Just three days before my iPhone 11 Pro arrived, I was harshly reminded of how important it is to have a phone good case when my poor iPhone XS Max decided to dive into the concrete—three days before I was supposed to trade it in. The screen cracked, and in a rarity for me, I wasn’t using a case.

That’s partially why great care was taken to create this list of the best cases for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Since the designs for the three phones (and cases) are all so similar this year, we’ve compiled them all into one listing and provided links to each model. Over on the right, you’ll see a link to “See More,” and these links will almost always go to the iPhone 11 version. If you don’t see a price listing for a particular model, that means there isn’t one.

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Leif Johnson

Apple releases macOS Catalina Supplemental Update

2 days 5 hours ago

Apple on Tuesday released an update for macOS 10.15 Catalina that fixes a few bugs. Here’s what the update does, according to the release notes:

  • Improves installation reliability of macOS Catalina on Macs with low disk space

  • Fixes an issue that prevented Setup Assistant from completing during some installations

  • Resolves an issue that prevents accepting iCloud Terms and Conditions when multiple iCloud accounts are logged in

  • Improves the reliability of saving Game Center data when playing Apple Arcade games offline

To install the update, you need an internet connection. Go to System Preferences and double-click on Software Update. Your Mac will check online for the update and will tell you when it’s available. (You can also get to Software Update via Apple menu > About This Mac, then click on the Software Update button in the Overview section.) The update is nearly 1GB in size.

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Roman Loyola

Apple releases iOS 13.1.3 and iPadOS 13.1.3 with lots of bug fixes

2 days 6 hours ago

Apple’s latest mobile OS release has had a bit of an unusual launch cadence and kind of a rocky start. The company split iOS into iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 this year, with different initial launch dates. There have been several small updates to both OSes to fix a litany of bugs. 

The latest release brings iOS and iPadOS up to version 13.1.3. There are no significant new features introduced, just a bunch of additional bug fixes. The release notes for iOS 13 are as follows:

Jason Cross
1 hour 33 minutes ago
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