Deals: Save $150 to $450 on every Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro

6 months hence

Apple authorized resellers have issued record-breaking discounts on Apple's brand-new 16-inch MacBook Pro, delivering cash savings of up to $450 off every model, including loaded Core i9 systems, via instant rebates and exclusive coupons. Find out how to save hundreds of dollars and grab the lowest prices on Apple's latest laptops.

Rumor: fourth gen iPad Air will offer USB-C connectivity

2 hours 45 minutes ago
A report from supply chain blog Macotakara — as translated by 9to5Mac — says the fourth generation iPad Air will offer USB-C connectivity, while the iPad mini will stick with Lightning connectivity. Currently, the only Apple table with USB-C is the iPad Pro.
Dennis Sellers

My Mac shows a Windows recovery screen at startup. What gives?

4 hours 58 minutes ago

One of the strangest things you can do with a Mac has got to be using it only to run Windows—although there’s a method to that madness, too. Apple began offering direct support for Windows-on-a-Mac with Boot Camp several years ago, allowing a more powerful option than emulation of Windows in macOS.

Some people have opted to run Windows on a Mac full time, including at least one government adviser in a previous job, for reasons of support, cost, and computational power. Apple only offers relatively powerful computers, but it backs them up with a higher level and quality of support than competing PC makers.

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Glenn Fleishman

‘MacVoices’ looks at some of the nastier bugs in Apple Mail

5 hours 43 minutes ago
Joe Kissell has updated “Take Control of Apple Mail” to the 5th edition. In the latest episode of MacVoices, he joins host Chuck Joiner to discuss some of the nastier bugs in Apple Mail, including one that can lose data, explains why you may want to avoid column view, and why recovering a specific message from your backups can be a challenge. He discusses the evolution of the program, and why it is both powerful and frustrating.
Dennis Sellers