Deals: Save $150 to $450 on every Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro

6 months 1 week hence

Apple authorized resellers have issued record-breaking discounts on Apple's brand-new 16-inch MacBook Pro, delivering cash savings of up to $450 off every model, including loaded Core i9 systems, via instant rebates and exclusive coupons. Find out how to save hundreds of dollars and grab the lowest prices on Apple's latest laptops.

Tinderbox 8.7

13 hours 56 minutes ago
Note-taking assistant and information manager adds built-in COVID-tracking actions and improves link suggestions. ($249 new, free update, 36.6 MB)

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Drawing, Backing Up, and Being a Screenshot Ninja – Mac Geek Gab 816

16 hours 12 minutes ago

Did you know you could move your screenshot selection window around after you create it? How about rearranging columns in the Finder and having it remember? What about Profiles on your Mac, and how they can be used to hijack your browser?

If you listen to this week’s Mac Geek Gab with Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun, not only will you know how to do these three things, we guarantee you’ll learn at least two more (and probably a lot more than that!). Press play and enjoy learning all these things with your two favorite geeks.

John F. Braun

In Observance of Memorial Day

17 hours 32 minutes ago

In honor of Memorial Day, a U.S. holiday, The Mac Observer will be taking the day off. We will resume our regular coverage of the Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch world on Tuesday, May 26th. Please stay safe.

Bryan Chaffin