Investigating Whether A Drug Dealer Founded Bitcoin

4 hours 2 minutes ago

Writer Evan Ratliff spents years tracking Paul Le Roux, and eventually rejected the theory that the drug dealer might be bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. But the the theory never quite went away. Then, a court case brought it right back into his inbox. He recounted the gripping story for Wired.

Over a few days, I found myself uncovering surprising correlations I’d missed or discounted the first time. After a couple more, I’d built a spreadsheet mapping the evidence for and against the proposition. Within weeks, I’d poured over every piece of writing credibly attributed to Le Roux or Satoshi, and found myself perplexed at the growing size of the “for” column on my spreadsheet. I called up experts, ran my evidence by them, and found no one who could really shoot it down. After a month, I was able to convince a colleague with deep cryptocurrency knowledge, someone who’d followed every twist and turn of the Satoshi saga, that Le Roux was the odds-on solution to the mystery of who created bitcoin. And then, just as I was ready to go out and publicly place my bet on Paul Le Roux, to make the case for him from every thing I’d found, I started to wonder about what I hadn’t.

Charlotte Henry

Arabic App Store Rolls Out to Devs

4 hours 25 minutes ago

Apple pushed out an Arabic version of the App Store to developers. It will be fully rolled out as part of iOS 13. The Jerusalem Post reported it is part of a wider push into the Arab world from the company.

The store will “open” to the general public simultaneously with the release of Apple’s latest operating software system, IOS-13. This move is seen largely as the company’s latest attempt at capturing the growing Middle East market. “Apple is continuing its push for localized content in the Arab world by releasing a version of its App Store – in full Arabic glory,” Noura Alzabie, a strategist and project manager at the Bahrain chapter of the Global Social Media Club, told The Media Line. Apple opened its first store in the Arab world in 2015, and the amount of Arabic content available, while still relatively small, has since grown.

Charlotte Henry

Some People Experiencing App Gifting ‘Bug’ in iOS 12.3.1

5 hours 22 minutes ago

Some people have noticed that the app gifting ability seems to have disappeared in iOS 12.3.1. It sounds like it’s a bug, rather than an official decision on Apple’s part. App Gifting As of July 7, 2019, it appears there is no longer an option to “Gift” an app through the App Store (i.e. the…

Andrew Orr

Visualizing Men’s Pockets Versus Women’s Pockets

5 hours 53 minutes ago

This isn’t super tech-related, but this website gives a nice visualization of how men’s pockets are bigger than women’s pockets. There’s also a section that lets you find jeans that can fit smartphones like the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel.

Only 40 percent of women’s front pockets can completely fit one of the three leading smartphone brands. Less than half of women’s front pockets can fit a wallet specifically designed to fit in front pockets. And you can’t even cram an average woman’s hand beyond the knuckles into the majority of women’s front pockets.

Andrew Orr

Facebook Libra Co-Founder Faces Senate Hearing

5 hours 58 minutes ago

David Marcus, the founder of Facebook’s Libra digital currency, is in front of the Senate Banking Committee. He is taking questions about the plans. In particular, lawmakers are expected to focus on data privacy issues. It comes as the project is facing evermore scrutiny, including from Democratic members of House. Mr. Marcus’s hearing is available to watch via CSPAN.

Charlotte Henry

NOMAD's new USB-C to Lightning Cable features Kevlar for ultimate durability

6 hours 32 minutes ago
NOMAD today announced availability of a new USB-C to Lightning cable that may just last longer than you! The cable, which comes in 1.5m (5 ft.) and 3m (10 ft.) lengths, uses Kevlar® fiber in the central core of the cable for strength and is wrapped with a Kevlar outer braid for incredible durability. While the cable might be a bit more expensive than what you’re used to paying for cheap cables (the 5 foot cable retails for $39.95), they’re also the only cables I know of that come with a 5 year guarantee — they’re built that well.
Steven Sande