Long Press Shortcuts for iOS Safari

1 month 1 week ago

I’ve covered iOS 12 tips and tricks that you might have forgotten. Now I’d like to resurface a tip from 2017 about shortcuts for iOS Safari.

You might not know it, but Safari has some hidden shortcuts tucked behind some of the icons. This will let you perform certain actions a little faster, like quickly access the desktop version of a website, add a bookmark, and even close multiple tabs at once.

Andrew Orr

Enhance your outlets with these all-time-low Amazon prices on Aukey smart plugs

1 month 1 week ago

Smart homes are the way of the future, but to add a little extra control to your lights and electronics, you don't need to buy all-new smart devices. Smart plugs can replicate the functionality of expensive bulbs and appliances, and today you grab a pair for cheap: Aukey's Wi-Fi Smart Plug two-pack is just $20Remove non-product link today on Amazon with the code AUKEY4AP, down from a $28 MSRP and a couple dollars cheaper than their previous all-time low.

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Alexandria Haslam

Be a better writer with WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant, on sale now

1 month 1 week ago
Would you like to be a better writer? Perhaps you even write for a living but still find yourself making errors. That’s why our deal of the day is WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant, an intelligent spelling, style and grammar checking app. Normally priced at $399.95 for a lifetime subscription, our deal gets you that same lifetime of error-free writing at 80% off — just $79.
Steven Sande

Providers Tout 5G Claims and Names Before the Network Exists

1 month 1 week ago

5G is the talk of Las Vegas at CES this week. However, there is mounting controversy about what cellular network providers are actually declaring as 5G. The superfast network will not actually be launched until 2020 or even 2021, but the cellular providers are still keen to brand things as 5G now. A piece on the Associated Press noted that “AT&T has drawn ridicule by relabeling the network used by some of its phones as ‘5G E’,” for example. This main seem a relatively superficial issue but in terms of been clear with customers, it matters.

There’s a history of carriers being murky about network claims. AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint started calling an enhanced 3G network 4G in the early 2010s. There’s more pushback this time because people are now more aware of what a next-generation network can do.

Charlotte Henry