Charge up to 4 devices at once with this IPM Wireless Charging Dock

15 hours 51 minutes ago
Wireless charging is the ultimate modern convenience and this fast charging dock is made to outperform every other wireless charger on the market. With 10W of charging power and pure copper induction coils, the IPM Wireless Charging Dock ($69.99) takes full advantage of wireless charging capabilities in any Qi-compatible device. Plus the innovative four-in-one design enables you to use it to charge smartwatches, smartphones, wireless headsets, or an Apple Pencil while adding zero clutter to your workspace. Use promo code WEEKEND15 and cut another 15% off of the already low price — just $59.50 for this powerful charger!
Steven Sande

Facebook Facial Recognition Opt-Out Not Universal

16 hours 14 minutes ago

Consumer Reports found that Facebook facial recognition doesn’t seem to be a universal setting, despite Facebook promising otherwise.

Consumer Reports examined the accounts of 31 Facebook users across the U.S. The participants let us record video as they navigated their Facebook settings under our direction. We found the Face Recognition setting missing from eight of the accounts we documented, or just over 25 percent.

I could be a smart a** and recommend deleting your Facebook account as a way to opt out, but that wouldn’t help the people still on Facebook.

Andrew Orr

Apple made informal bid to buy Tesla at $240 per share in 2013

16 hours 46 minutes ago

Apple's automotive ambitions could have been augmented with the acquisition of Tesla, an analyst claims, with the iPhone maker said to have made a "serious bid" to buy the electric car producer in 2013, a move that could have brought technology developed under "Project Titan" to commercialization far earlier.

Can’t find an app on your Mac? Pinpoint it with System Information

16 hours 51 minutes ago

While software programs usually live in the Applications folder in macOS, they can be found all over the place. That’s because some apps are really tiny utilities that applications or services require and which shouldn’t be launched by a user. Others have to be in a particular folder to be accessible by Safari or other software.

If you’re trying to clean out unneeded and unwanted apps, or are engaged in a 32-bit purge—see our article on the need for that in the upcoming macOS 10.15—you can use System Information to help.


System Information reveals location details among other data about each app.

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Glenn Fleishman

Surfshark review: A solid VPN newcomer with some nice features

17 hours 51 minutes ago

Every time you turn around there’s a new VPN service wanting to protect your web browsing. A recent newcomer is Surfshark, which debuted in 2018. Based in the British Virgin Islands, with most of its team scattered around Europe and elsewhere, Surfshark is already offering a fair amount for its fee.

The company has more than 500 servers in 49 country locations. It promises to let you watch Netflix U.S. (as well as France and Japan for that matter), and it has extra features such as multi-hop VPN connections, ad and tracker blocking, and unlimited simultaneous devices. Sounds like a good one, but is the product as good as its stats suggest? Let’s take a look.

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Ian Paul

Hyperbolic style: All Apple decisions are terrible

18 hours 51 minutes ago

It’s another week and another example of how Apple’s design choices must be seen as the worst thing ever.

Writing for the Forbes contributor network and penny-farthing ride-sharing network, Gordon Kelly tells us how an “Apple Insider Corroborates Ugly New iPhone Designs.” (Tip o’ the antlers to @designheretic, Matt and Alberto.)

Yes, according to several rumors, including some images posted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, this year’s crop of iPhones will feature square camera bumps to house the three cameras that will be on some models. And, as we learned with the Apple Watch flop, squares are inherently hideous. This is just a fact of geometry, people.

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The Macalope