Scout – The World’s Most Versatile Charger: $39.99

11 hours 30 minutes ago

We have a deal on Scout, a versatile mobile charger with a built-in Lightning cable, Micro USB cable, QuickCharge port, a Qi-charger, and a 5,000mAh battery. And, it can be plugged directly into a standard wall socket for charging. Check out the promo video below for more info. You can get Scout through our deal for $39.99.

Bryan Chaffin

iOS 12.2 beta 3 is available to public beta testers, brings minor interface tweaks

11 hours 37 minutes ago

After releasing iOS 12.1.3 with a few minor bugfixes, Apple has has moved on to iOS 12.2. The first beta was released to developers on January 24, 2019, with the first public release following on the 28th.

Registered developers can download the iOS beta profile by visiting using the device on which they want to run the beta. Non-developers can enter the public beta program by visiting on the device they wish to enroll in the beta.

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Jason Cross

In two years, the Mac, iPhone, and iPad will be able to run the same apps

12 hours 8 minutes ago

Apple announced that the company has no plans to merge iOS and macOS during its Worldwide Developers Conference last year, but it also said it’s working on a way for developers to write apps that work on both operating systems. Project Marzipan, as Apple calls it, wasn’t discussed in much detail at WWDC, but Apple described the News, Stocks, Home, and Voice Memos apps that come with macOS Mojave as examples of Marzipan at work. And we haven’t heard a lot about Marzipan since WWDC.

On Wednesday, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that Marzipan could be in the spotlight for this year’s WWDC. According to Gurman, Apple could release a software development kit at the conference that will allow iPad developers to port their apps to the Mac. Then, in 2020, Apple will release a kit that ports iPhone apps to the Mac. By 2021, Apple will give developers the ability to create a “single binary” of an app—in other words, one app that can run on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

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Roman Loyola

Sharenting is When You Over Share Your Kid Online

13 hours 38 minutes ago

There’s a new phenomenon called sharenting. This is when parents share a large portion of their kids’ lives to the internet, usually without their consent.

Recently a parenting blogger wrote in a Washington Post essay that despite her 14-year-old daughter’s horror at discovering that her mother had shared years of highly personal stories and information about her online, she simply could not stop posting on her blog and social media. The writer claimed that promising her daughter that she would stop posting about her publicly on the internet “would mean shutting down a vital part of myself, which isn’t necessarily good for me or her.”

That was the most ridiculous part to read. Good grief, the world isn’t going to end because you can’t post about your kid anymore Karen. No one cares about them except you.

Andrew Orr

Apple Pay activated on 383 million iPhones, worldwide

13 hours 45 minutes ago

Apple Pay is continuing to grow as a major player in the mobile payments market thanks to its loyal users, Loup Ventures notes, estimating that 43 percent of all iPhone users around the world have enabled Apple Pay on their devices.

WinRAR Fixes 14-Year-Old Bug

13 hours 48 minutes ago

WinRAR, a file compression app on Windows, recently patched a bug that was there for fourteen years due to an old DLL library.

Andrew Orr

Give your dumb devices brains with a 2-pack of Anker's Eufy smart plugs for $26

14 hours 8 minutes ago

Smart plugs add extra control to any device, smart or not, and today you can grab a pair at impulse prices. A two-pack of Anker’s Eufy smart plugs are on sale for $26 at Amazon today, a huge drop from a list price of $40.

These plugs are designed to bring some basic brains to lamps and other “dumb” appliances. Their slim design doesn’t cover the other outlet at the wall—a problem with some bulky smart plugs—so you can plug in both at once with no problem at all. You won’t need a smart hub to connect them, either; the plugs pack built-in connectivity capabilities that allow control via the EufyHome mobile app. Once connected, you can use the app to turn devices on and off remotely, or set schedules and countdown timers. You can also give other people control permissions or track energy usage right in the app.

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Alexandria Haslam

iFixit: We Are All Geniuses, Advocates Right to Repair

14 hours 39 minutes ago

Writing for iFixit, Kay Kay Clapp advocates for the right to repair devices and says we are all geniuses.

If all this feels a bit dystopian, take heart! Thanks to repair advocates and brave netizens around the world, the tide is starting to change. This year, Right to Repair legislation has been successfully introduced in 18 states. The movement continues to spread—and for the first time, European repair allies have introduced their own version of repair legislation.

I think it’s nice that people can repair their devices, but it can also be a security risk. If it’s easy for you to repair, it’s easy for bad guys to “repair” and put hardware implants into your device.

Andrew Orr