‘Today at Apple’ sessions to celebrate Black History Month

7 hours 14 minutes ago
In celebration of Black History Month, Apple will offer “Today at Apple” sessions in which participants can "learn from dynamic creators who are changing cultural narratives through visual arts, photography, poetry, dance, film, and more.” You can join creative sessions Feb. 1–29.
Dennis Sellers

Kasperky Lab: Shlayer Trojan a common threat on macOS

14 hours 10 minutes ago
For close to two years now, the Shlayer Trojan has been the most common threat on the macOS platform: in 2019, one in 10 of its Ma security solutions encountered this malware at least once, according to Kasperky Lab . It accounts for almost 30% of all detections for this operating system, adds researchers at the security company.
Dennis Sellers

Apple leases ‘Triangle Building’ near its Apple Park campus

14 hours 42 minutes ago
Apple has leased all six floors of the 86,000-square-foot office building at 5300 Stevens Creek Blvd., in San Jose, California, according to public filings reported by Mercury News. It’s a six-floor office building dubbed the “Triangle Building” that’s located near the tech giant’s main Apple Park campus.
Dennis Sellers

Apple Watch Connected platform launches in some gyms

1 day 14 hours ago
Basecamp, Crunch Fitness, Orange Theory, and YMCA gyms are launching new “Apple Watch Connected” experiences inside gyms in the U.S., according to CNBC. Members can get discounts for working out, use Apple Pay to buy stuff, book classes on their Apple Watch, and more. 
Dennis Sellers

Another Apple patent hints at an ‘iGlove’ smart glove

1 day 14 hours ago
Apple has filed for another patent (number 2020026352) that hints at smart gloves (which I like to call “iGloves”) that could be used with, among other things, an augmented reality headset (the rumored "Apple Glasses”). It's for "computer systems with finger devices.”
Dennis Sellers

No Backup Camera On Your Car? Get The FenSens Smart Wireless Solar Backup Camera On Sale

1 day 14 hours ago
I ‘m spoiled. My 2017 Honda CR-V has a backup camera, and soon after getting that car I became a total fan of the backup camera. While it doesn’t totally replace a full look around our vehicle to see what’s coming, it does make it easier to back out of a parking space or garage with confidence that you’re not going to run into or over anything. Older cars don’t come with backup cameras, which is why we’re selling the FenSens Smart Wireless Solar Backup Camera today for just $159.
Steven Sande

Patent trollin’: VirnetX wants $439 million verdict win against Apple upheld

1 day 15 hours ago
VirnetX is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to leave alone a $439 million verdict against Apple for infringing its network security patents, telling the justices that the tech giant's certiorari petition "presents no issues warranting review and is plagued by fatal defects,” reports Law360 (a subscription is required to read the article).
Dennis Sellers
10 minutes 58 seconds ago
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