Apple chip partner TSMC declares Moore's Law is not dead

3 days 11 hours ago

Moore's Law, the name given to the principle that the speed and capability of computers is expected to double every two years due to advances in microchip technology, is not dead according to Apple A-series chip foundry TSMC, which reasons it is very much still relevant today for a number of reasons.

Apple demands review of Red's Rawcode format patent

3 days 15 hours ago

Apple has requested for a review to potentially invalidate a patent owned by high-performance camera maker Red relating to its proprietary Rawcode RAW recording format, a legal argument that could enable Apple to use Rawcode in its products without paying a licensing fee.

Apple now responsible for 2.4 million US jobs

4 days 7 hours ago

Through its own staff, those of suppliers and developers, Apple has grown to support 2.4 million jobs across all 50 states. It's an increase of four times since 2011, and sees the company contributing $60 billion to the economy annually.

$999 MacBook Pros are back at Amazon

4 days 7 hours ago

Back by popular demand, Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro with function keys is available on Amazon for just $999 while supplies last. This deal has proven to be a top seller with inventory currently backorderd until Aug. 24. Secure you spot in line now, before the sub-$1000 price disappears.
1 hour 1 minute ago
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