Here are some of the documentaries you can watch on Apple Music

6 hours 55 minutes ago

Apple Music is of course an audio-first streaming service, but if you have time to kill, you can kick back and watch documentaries on musicians, producers, and other aspects of the biz. Here's a roundup of some of the titles currently available, the latest being Future's "THE WIZRD."

How to live with Apple's absurdly over-complicated music features on Apple Watch

11 hours 57 minutes ago

You can now listen to music and podcasts directly from your Apple Watch but it how Apple forces you to do it is going to make you scratch your head. Even the Apple Watch Series 4 speaker won't play audio, and knowing what music is actually on the Watch and what needs an internet connection can be perplexing. AppleInsider helps you sort it out.
36 minutes 2 seconds ago
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