A Samsung-like folding screen is just what the iPhone needs, but don’t expect it anytime soon

4 days 22 hours ago

At long last, the first folding phone from Samsung is nearly a reality. At its developers conference keynote yesterday, the phone maker showed off its new Infinity Flex display along with a proof-of-concept prototype of what will soon become the world’s first folding Galaxy phone.

It’s likely to be a very expensive niche product when it launches in 2019, but one thing is clear: phones are moving beyond rounded rectangles. After several false starts with curved, two-sided, and split-screen handsets, it’s safe to say that folding is the future of the smartphone, with the sort of 2-in-1 design that was previously unthinkable on a pocketable device.

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Michael Simon

Black Friday starts early at Best Buy with big deals on iPads, Apple Watches, and MacBook Pros

4 days 23 hours ago

Black Friday is starting early this year at Best Buy, which tends to be one of the best places to find deals on Apple products regardless of the season. If you visit its site today, you’ll find fantastic deals on the iPad, Apple Watch, and the new MacBook Pros.

The best deal available is easily the $100 discount on the 2018 128GB 9.7-inch iPadRemove non-product link, which brings the price down to $329.99. That’s exactly the same price the entry-level 32GB model usually sells for, and it’s the best price we’ve ever seen for this particular model. It’s a powerful, portable device, and it also supports the first-generation Apple PencilRemove non-product link (which, alas, is sold separately).

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Leif Johnson

Amazon has slashed prices on all sizes of its Fire Kids Edition tablets to all-time lows

5 days ago

It’s never too early to grab holiday gifts at great prices, but today’s deal is all about the kids. Ahead of its usual Black Friday blowout, Amazon has slashed prices on its Fire Kids Edition tablets to the lowest prices we’ve ever seen, and all three sizes are getting in on the act: You can save $30 on the 7-inch modelRemove non-product link, $40 on the 8-inchRemove non-product link, and $50 on the 10-inchRemove non-product link, bringing their prices down to $70, $90, and $150, good for up to 30 percent off.

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Alexandria Haslam

Earlier every year: iPhone production cut rumors

5 days 4 hours ago

It seems like every year two things get moved up: stores putting up holiday decorations and doomtastic rumors about cuts to iPhone production orders.

Last year it wasn’t until December that reports of iPhone X production cuts were floated like so many lead balloons carried around by lead children. These reports went on for more than half a year until Apple reported two quarters of increased iPhone sales and repeatedly said the iPhone X was the best selling iPhone, you chowderheads.

Now, here it is only early November and already we’re being treated to breathless details of upcoming Black Friday deals, whirring maniacal mechanical Santas in Ace Hardware stores across the nation and, yes, reports of production cuts on the iPhone XR, which was released less than two weeks ago.

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The Macalope

How to set your macOS screensaver to show a Photos album

5 days 5 hours ago

When your Mac isn’t being used, you can turn its screen into a digital picture frame by using a screensaver that shows photos. If you store photos in Apple’s Photos app, setting up the photo screensaver is very straightforward.

Here’s how to set your Mac to use your Photos Library as a screensaver.

1. Open System Preferences and click Desktop & Screen Saver.

2. Select any of the photo-based screen savers in the scroll list at left. The ones that let you select images all show a ladybird beetle.


3. Click the Source drop-down menu and choose Photo Library. (If you don’t have any images in Photos, the Photo Library option will not appear.)

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Glenn Fleishman

Apple’s price inflation turns privacy from a right to a privilege

5 days 6 hours ago

Apple believes privacy is a "fundamental human right," or so CEO Tim Cook told CNN in the wake of WWDC last spring. He condemned the data collection spree he saw from competitors as “out of control,” and he worried that “most people” have no idea how often they’re being tracked.

Bold words, yes. It was easy to admire Apple in the moment. They were words we needed to hear—wanted to hear—particularly in a decade rocked by the Cambridge Analytica scandal and data breaches at companies like Uber and Yahoo, to say nothing of Google's habit of sifting through our Gmail in order to better pepper our browsing experience with ads. Against such a backdrop, Apple looked like a knight in shining, brushed aluminum armor.

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Leif Johnson

iPad Pro cases: What you can buy now for the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPads

5 days 20 hours ago

Apple’s new ultra-powerful iPad Pros are now available starting at $799 for the 11-inch and $999 for the 12.9-inch. They boast a redesign, USB-C, and the full power of a laptop computer thanks to the A12X chip. The new designs also mean you’ll need a new case.

Macworld picked out some of the most intriguing cases available today. Watch this space as we will be updating it as more great iPad Pro cases come out.

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Dieter Holger

Apple updates Clips app with new filters, Selfie Scenes, stickers, soundtracks, and more

5 days 22 hours ago

Apple has announced an update to its fun video-selfie app Clips that adds a wealth of new content.

For starters, there are six new Selfie Scenes, including one from the movie Incredibles 2. Selfie Scenes are 360-degree animated backgrounds that put you in the middle of an augmented reality scene. They’re exclusive to Apple products with the TrueDepth camera system: the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, and the new iPad Pros.

Selfie Scenes now use the A12 Bionic’s neural engine in both previews and recording modes for better portrait segmentation, so they should now more accurately "cut and paste" your image into the scene.

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Jason Cross

Back up everything with this awesome deal on the 8TB Seagate Backup Plus Hub

6 days 1 hour ago

You don't have to have been a victim of the October Windows 10 update file-deletion bug to understand the importance of a solid backup. And today Amazon is offering a great deal on a drive big enough to back up all of your files for years to come: the 8TB Seagate Backup Plus Hub is down to $150 todayRemove non-product link, matching an all-time low and more than 30 percent off its $220 list price.

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Alexandria Haslam

Save Over 90% On A Lifetime Subscription To Windscribe VPN ($59)

6 days 4 hours ago

Free public Wi-Fi is one of the most convenient services you can take advantage of; it allows you to make important calls and emails, or stream your favorite shows without consuming mobile data. Unfortunately, hackers love targeting public hotspots, making a solid VPN a necessity. While there are dozens of VPN services available, Windscribe VPN will protect your devices and offer additional features you won’t typically find on a standard VPN for $59.

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DealPost Team

The rules of magnetic attraction in Apple products

6 days 5 hours ago

There was a time when magnets were the most terrifying things in computing. Magnets erased floppy disks and tape cassettes and even hard drives. But in the modern era, magnets are our friends. Apple has used them for various important tasks over the years, from the convenient breakaway charging cable of MagSafe to the sensor that knows you’ve closed your MacBook’s lid—and the attraction that helps keep it closed.

In the last few years, Apple has brought the rules of magnetic attraction to the Apple Watch, the iPhone, and now the iPad. How do they work? You don’t need to know to appreciate what magnets do for modern Apple devices. And that goes double for the new iPad Pro, with its 102 magnets—as cited in Apple’s launch video about the product, no less—and all of the magnetic accessories that go along with it.

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Jason Snell

Best MacBook, MacBook Air, and Macbook Pro sleeves: Keep safe and stylish with our top picks

6 days 6 hours ago

Nobody wants the beautiful aluminum body of their MacBook scuffed or scratched. Fortunately, MacBook sleeves are to the rescue.

Sleeves are a great way to keep your MacBook protected, store it for traveling, or just look classy when you’re carrying your computer around the office.

But there are an overwhelming number of sleeves online for the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. It can be hard to tell which are good quality and worth the money. 

So Macworld is getting hands-on with some of the best-known brands as well as more eclectic designers to pick out the best sleeves for Apple’s line of MacBooks, both new and old models. Watch this space as we’ll be keeping it updated with our favorites.

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Dieter Holger

The iPhone XR is a great phone but here are three ways Apple can make it even better right now

6 days 6 hours ago

As I noted in my review, the iPhone XR is a great phone. It has the speed and design of the iPhone XS, a price tag to match the iPhone 8, and battery life to beat them all.

But as good as it is, the iPhone XR isn’t perfect, and the reasons why have nothing to do with hardware. The decisions Apple made with the camera and the screen make perfect sense on the iPhone XR, and neither is a deal-breaker. But there are some things related to the camera and screen that could be changed, and we don’t even have to wait until the iPhone XR2 to get them.

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Michael Simon

iPhone XR review: This iPhone might be the best Apple has ever made

6 days 7 hours ago

We may never know what the R in the iPhone XR actually means—Apple VP Phil Schiller himself said that the R doesn’t really mean much to Apple. But I have my own guess: reboot.

Before the release of the iPhone X last year, the iPhone 8 was in need of a redesign. It had been some three years since Apple first unveiled its large-screen iPhones, but nothing about them changed much since the iPhone 6. The iPhone 8 brought wireless charging and a better camera, but it didn’t look or feel like a 2017 phone, let alone a 2018 one.

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Michael Simon
1 hour 49 minutes ago
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