Our favorite gaming mouse is on sale on Amazon for 41% off

9 hours 20 minutes ago

If you’ve never been particularly enamored with the Apple Magic Mouse, may I suggest (deep breath) the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse? It’s my personal favorite mouse for everyday use, and it’s currently on sale at Amazon for 41 percent off. That’s enough to bring the price down from $84.99 to a far more agreeable $49.93.

And it’s worth it. When our sister publication PCWorld reviewed it in 2014, it rated it 4.5 out of five stars. PCWorld also listed its modern “Hero” incarnation as the “Best general-purpose gaming mouse,” and I can attest that this little powerhorse works perfectly for most tasks on the Mac as well.

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Leif Johnson

10 must-have apps for your new Apple Watch

10 hours 6 minutes ago

The Apple Watch is great right out of the box, but you’ll want to add a few apps to really make it sing. Apple’s wearable is a true marvel, especially the Series 4, but you’ll never know just how useful it can be if you don’t expand your horizons a bit.

When we think about the Apple Watch apps we just can’t live without, these are at the top of the list. Some are free, some are not, but every single one is worth your while.

Updated 1/18/2019: Thanks to a big update with a new interface, AutoSleep now edges out Pillow as our favorite sleep tracking app. Also added video.

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Jason Cross

Amazon's Echo Dot Kids Edition is cheaper than ever

12 hours 49 minutes ago

The Amazon Echo lineup has long been a popular pick for making homes a little smarter, and the Echo Dot Kids Edition brings those same smarts to the littlest members of your household. Today, you can snag the Echo Dot Kids Edition for $40 on Amazon, down from a list price of $70 and the lowest we’ve seen it.

This compact smart speaker comes with Alexa built in for convenient voice control. Kids can do everything from controlling other connected devices to asking Alexa to answer questions and tell stories hands-free. With one year of included Amazon’s FreeTime service included with your purchase, kids will be able to tap into a whole library of family-friendly content.

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Alexandria Haslam

Get 3 Years of NordVPN Service for Just $2.99 Per Month - Deal Alert

13 hours 6 minutes ago

NordVPN promises a private and fast path through the public internet, with no logs, unmetered access for 6 simultaneous devices and access to 5,232 servers worldwide. They are currently running a promotion, but you'll have to use this link to find it. Its typical price has been discounted for 3 years of service -- a good deal at just $2.99 per month.  See the $2.99/month NordVPN deal here.

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DealPost Team

Can you replace a fan in Apple’s AirPort Extreme?

15 hours 53 minutes ago

A mysterious whirring and grinding noise from his late-model AirPort Extreme Base Station disturbed one Macworld reader. Why would it make such a sound? He hadn’t turned it on for a year, but was about to reactivate it with a new broadband connection.

My reply: The polite verbal equivalent of a shrug, because—I wrote—there’s no fan in an AirPort Express, and only a Time Capsule has a hard drive. Time Capsule drives certainly fail, like any spinning storage media, but the grinding described would surely have meant the drive was on its way to failure, if not already destroyed.

But your faithful Mac 911 columnist failed to do his research. I own a newer AirPort Extreme—one of the “crackerbox” models that looks like a gleaming white micro-tower. It’s never made a peep. I even thought I’d even looked at pictures of the insides of this version from Apple’s now-discontinued series of routers.

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Glenn Fleishman

What is dead may never die: Two products Apple may be looking to revive

17 hours 53 minutes ago

Apple’s not a company that’s ever been afraid to kill off its products. At the height of the iPod mini’s popularity, Steve Jobs famously axed it in order to introduce the iPod nano. The underperforming iPod Hi-Fi got the hook, and in recent years we’ve said goodbye to both the AirPort line and most of the iPods.

But when a product lies fallow for many years, sitting without an update, it hangs in that liminal space between life and death, leading many to wonder whether it still has a future. Is it ready to shuffle off this mortal coil or could it be rescued from the edge of the abyss? The Mac mini, MacBook Air, and even the Mac Pro have seen this kind of revival in recent months, and just in the last week, two Apple products thought to have run out of time have been the subjects of rumored returns, hinting that perhaps death isn't what it used to be for the company.

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Dan Moren

How to buy a refurbished Mac, MacBook, iPhone, or iPad from Apple

1 day 8 hours ago

Updated 1/17/19 to reflect the inventory changes in the store.

Looking for a way to save some money on the latest Apple products? Consider a refurbished MacBook, refurbished iPhone, or refurbished iPad from the Apple Certified Refurbished store. A refurbished product is just like a new, but at a lower price.

Here’s a quick guide with links to the best deals you can find on the refurb store, along with a FAQ guide if you want to know more about the ins and outs of the Apple Certified Refurbished store and buying a refurbished MacBook, desktop Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

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Roman Loyola

Apple’s original TV shows and series: Simon Kinberg and David Weil to create big-budget sci-fi series

1 day 10 hours ago

Apple is said to be spending as much as $1 billion over the course of 2018 on original TV programming. That’s a lot of TV! It’s not the $8 billion Netflix is going to spend, but it’s still a huge commitment.

What can you get for a billion dollars? Well, some simple math gives us 200 episodes at $5 million a piece (a reasonable per-episode price for high-end TV). But we’re not likely to actually see 10-20 shows with 10-20 episodes each, all costing around that much. For starters, that billion dollars has to cover a lot more than per-episode production costs.

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Jason Cross

Amazon is selling the latest iPad Pros for $100 off today

1 day 10 hours ago

Apple’s new iPad Pros are good—so good that they cost as much as some MacBooks. Today, though, Amazon makes it a little easier to get in on the action with a couple of stellar $100 discounts on both the 11-inch and 12-inch models.

In terms of sheer price, the best deal is the $100 discount Amazon is offering for the silver 64GB iPad Pro with Wi-Fi. That’s enough to bring the price down from $999 to $899.

But if you want to get the most out of your money, I recommend picking up the space gray 11-inch 512GB model. It’s also being offered for $100 off, which brings the price down from $1,149 to $1,049.

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Leif Johnson

This 43-inch 4K HDR television with Amazon Fire TV built-in is on sale for $200

1 day 13 hours ago

If you haven’t upgraded to the glorious 4K HDR life yet, now’s the perfect time to see what you’re missing for cheap. Best Buy is selling a 43-inch 4K HDR Toshiba Smart TV with Amazon’s Fire TV built-in for $200Remove non-product link. That price beats Amazon’s all-time historical low by $50 and the current Amazon price by $100.

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Ian Paul

You Can Get A Lifetime Of Zoog VPN For Just $35

1 day 14 hours ago

It's 2019, and by now most of us understand how important it is to surf the Web with a VPN watching our backs. Yet, so many of us refuse to do so, mainly because too many VPN providers deliver their protection at the expense of our browsing speeds. Zoog VPN is one of the few VPN solutions that safeguards your browsing while letting you surf at blazing speeds, and lifetime subscriptions are on sale for only $35 today.

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DealPost Team

Save 90% On Next FlipBook Maker Pro For Mac ($29)

1 day 14 hours ago

PDF is one of the most versatile document formats in use today, and it’s often the format of choice for resumes, college papers, brochures, and more. However, if you have the right software, you can turn your PDFs into so much more. With Next FlipBook Maker Pro, your PDFs can be brought to life for just $29.

Next FlipBook Maker Pro is an app that allows you to create digital books and magazines out of PDFs and images. Each flip-book can be converted into Flash or HTML5, allowing your viewers to interact with the flip-book as they turn from page to page. With its Responsive Design Mode, you can create and update your flip-book on the fly with elements such as custom templates, YouTube videos, music, buttons, and more. Your flip-books can be viewed from any desktop, laptop or mobile device, as well as published on WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, making it ideal when showcasing a portfolio.

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DealPost Team

What to do when the Mac App Store won’t assign applications to your account

1 day 15 hours ago

The Mac App Store sometimes throws out odd errors when you try to download and install software, errors that lack information on Apple’s support pages. These seem to come up most often with Apple’s own software, especially the five free apps (GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers, and Pages) that require an Apple ID, but no prior purchase.

Just a few weeks ago, I explained how to solve “Update Unavailable with This Apple ID,” but that’s not the only one.

Another one that comes up with little help is, “Could not assign applications to your account.” Here are four ways that may resolve the problem and let you download the apps you’re attempting to.

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Glenn Fleishman

Failure is not an option: Tim Cook’s operational skills

1 day 16 hours ago

Hello and welcome to another edition of “Hey, You Know That Thing That You Know? What If That Weren’t True?!”

Writing for The Mac Observer, John Kheit says, “Tim Cook Is a Failure at Operations.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Aaron.)

A failure! We’ve gone from “Tim Cook is a mastermind at operations” to “Tim Cook is a failure at operations” in seven years and it only took Apple having just its second-best quarter ever.

First, he has failed to keep the trains (i.e., products) running on time.

Stupid Cook! Be more like Mussolini! (Who, despite the credit given, did not actually make the trains run on time.)

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The Macalope
1 hour 15 minutes ago
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