Apple pushes new silent updates to address vulnerable Zoom software

1 hour 13 minutes ago

Update 7/16: Apple has issued two more silent updates to macOS that address other apps that may be using Zoom's localhost server.

Apple is taking further action to shut down Zoom servers that may be running on your Mac without your knowledge . A week after Zoom released a patch for its Mac app that removes a localhost web server from your Mac and allows users to manually uninstall the app from the menubar (you can download that patch here), Apple has issued its second and third updates to shut down servers running in the background.

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Michael Simon

Apple releases iOS 12.4 beta 7

2 hours 47 minutes ago

Apple released iOS 12.3 in the second week of May, bringing us its new TV app with Channels subscriptions. Just days later, it started releasing betas to developers for another point release, iOS 12.4.

Those who are part of Apple’s developer program can register a device for developer betas by heading to Those who are not in the developer program can register their devices for public beta releases by visiting while using the device on which they wish to run the beta software. While many beta releases are stable and even include new bug fixes, we suggest you do not run beta releases on your primary device.

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Jason Cross

Amazon Prime Day 2019: The best tech, electronics, PC, and mobile deals

9 hours 19 minutes ago

For Amazon Prime Day 2019, the number of deals have increased dramatically. Amazon's competition has grown, too—but still, this annual summer sale has a long way to go before it rivals Black Friday.

Still, during our hours of poring over deals, we found respectable deals in multiple categories—you’ll find everything from chargers to TVs on the cheap. Tech enthusiasts can find a few diamonds in the rough, too. Overall, it'll pay off to check out both Amazon and rivals like Dell, Walmart, and Newegg, especially if you're shopping for a laptop.

Deals will roll out continually over the course of Prime Day (between July 15 12 a.m. PT and July 16 11:59 p.m. PT), so be sure to check this page regularly for updates. We'll update this article as new deals and new pricing information become available.

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Alaina Yee,

Michael Simon

Messages and Maps: Two apps we wish Apple would port from iOS to Mac

9 hours 53 minutes ago

With macOS Catalina, Apple is providing a tool for developers (called Catalyst) that makes it really easy to take an existing iPad app over to the Mac. Apple started testing the technology in macOS Mojave last year, by porting over some of its own iOS apps—News, Home, Voice Memos, and Stocks.

This year, Apple expands its list of iOS apps on Mac with Music, Podcasts, TV, Screen Time, and the new Find My app. Those first four apps introduced last year are getting an upgrade, too.

While these are welcome changes, I can’t help but think Apple is missing a huge opportunity. Two of macOS’s most important apps—Maps and Messages—are so far behind their iOS counterparts that we would all be better-served by Apple just porting the iOS app in the same fashion.

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Jason Cross

Easy solutions: Fixing Apple in one easy step

10 hours 53 minutes ago

Jony Ive has left the building and it’s only a matter of time before the building falls down and must be paved over.

Writing for The New York Post, Jonathan Trugman says “Departure of chief designer Jony Ive is rotten for Apple.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Nick.)

“Why, it seems a clever person might take the name of the company, ‘Apple,’ and use it to great metaphoric effect by comparing it to an actual apple. I believe I am the first to discover this.”

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The Macalope

Best media streaming devices

1 day 4 hours ago
Roku Streaming Stick vs. Amazon Fire Stick vs. Chromecast vs. Apple TV, and more. Which streaming device is best for cord cutters? Our buying guide will help you pick the right accessories for your TV.
Jared Newman

How to install the macOS Catalina beta in its own APFS container

1 day 8 hours ago

With the public beta out for macOS 10.15 Catalina, you might be a thrill seeker and want to test out the in-progress version. But maybe you’d like to hedge your bets. In the past, you’d need to partition your startup drive, which could turn into a lot of effort, or get an external drive—preferably SSD—and install and boot from that.

However, there’s a better way to have your Catalina and boot it, too. It’s even a path Apple documents and recommends.

With Apple’s not-quite-so-new APFS filesystem that replaces the long-running HFS+, drives are no longer organized into partitions, but volumes and containers. A container gets a pool of a fixed amount of storage on a drive when it’s configured, but containers can have multiple volumes. Volumes share all available free space within the container without requiring any other rejiggering—they grow and shrink automatically.

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Glenn Fleishman

Go64 review: Free utility preps Mac users for 64-bit Catalina app-ocalypse

1 day 9 hours ago

As you’ve probably heard, Apple is finally eliminating support for 32-bit Mac applications this fall. That means older software which hasn’t moved to 64-bit code won’t work on the latest macOS Catalina and although Cupertino has provided guidance on the impending “app-ocalypse,” identifying and taking action on affected apps is a hassle.

A free (donations accepted) Mac utility called Go64 aims to ease the 64-bit transition by performing a quick scan of your applications and creating an inventory of those where 32-bit code is still present. It’s fast and painless—Go64 took less than 45 seconds to scan 1,586 apps (?!) on my iMac Retina 5K startup disk.

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J.R. Bookwalter

Apple Arcade won’t save us from the scourge of freemium gaming, but it’s a start

1 day 10 hours ago

Games have been the top app category since the App Store’s inception. They’re so popular that, in iOS 11, Apple actually split Games off into its own tab, separate from other apps.

But, with few exceptions, the top games today are of a single type: freemium, or free-to-play (F2P) titles that cost nothing to start, but will suck your money away a few dollars at a time, seemingly forever.

We don’t know exactly what games will be included in the Apple Arcade subscription service when it launches this fall, nor what it will cost. But with the weight of Apple behind it, its own tab in iOS 13’s App Store, and plenty of top-tier developers on board, it may finally save us from freemium gaming hell.

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Jason Cross

Apple TV+ original shows, series, and movies: Apple teams up with BBC for comedy series 'Alabama'

4 days 4 hours ago

Apple is said to be spending a couple billion dollars over 2018 and 2019 on the development of exclusive original programming. That’s a lot of TV! It’s nothing compared to the $12 billion Netflix spent on content in 2018, but it’s still a very big investment.

What can you get for a couple billion dollars? Apple hopes to attract some of the best talent in TV and film production, including huge stars and directors, and to lock down the television and movie rights to best-selling books. Though the company has only given us a glimpse at a handful of shows, the Hollywood trade press has uncovered many more through its reporting on deals from casting agents and production companies.

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Jason Cross
17 minutes 39 seconds ago
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